Saffron crocus sativus is the world’s most expensive spice in terms of weight.
In both antiquity and modern times, mostly saffron was and is used in the preparation of

food and drink. Cultures spread across Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas value the red threads for use in such items as baked foods, curries, and liquor.

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Afghan Red Gold (ARG) is the biggest producer, processor and exporter of Afghan Saffron. ARG with a background of 12 years experience on saffron production, has been officially registered with Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) on March 2008.

We have the largest agribusiness farms in Afghanistan by cultivation of 800 Hectares per year and production of more than 1000 tons of wheat improved seeds, and 400 tons of melon and water melon. We provide all agriculture related consultancy, services, project implementation, providing of machinery and materials.

For more information see Introduction to ARG on About Us Page.

Herat Saffron ™
(Afghan Red Gold Saffron Company)
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