Saffron Cultivation Basics

Saffron is a multiyear plant that will remain 6-7 years in your land. The main investment in this period is saffron corm (that is used for propagation) and labor costs. You will harvest saffron each year on October and the propagated corms will be collected after 6-7 years which have good income for farmer.
Some important points for saffron cultivation are listed below. For more information, please contact our experts here.

• Plot choice

• Corms purchase
Herat Saffron™ is the largest corm producer in Afghanistan and can provide any amount necessary for local farmers and NGO’s or donors want to cultivate saffron.

• Soil preparation before planting

• Plantation

• Fertilization

• Weed control

• Phytosanitary protection

• Harvesting

• Corm rotation